What We Do

Clarity & Alignment

We understand that an aligned and dynamic culture is essential for the success of your organization. A strong organizational culture is a competitive advantage that drives sustainable growth and long-term success.

Our approach is centered on helping you understand the culture you have and defining the one you want.

Why? Because your organizational identity is the gateway to increasing productivity, inspiring innovation, and better navigating uncertainty and complex change – while shaping the future. We are here to help you create experiences that support mindset shifts, sustain behavioral change, and facilitate transformation.

We work with you to identify where there is disengagement, disconnect, and performance gaps in your organization and develop a customized plan to align your culture with your organizational goals.

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Organizational challenges, disruption, and disengagement are driving urgency to create future-ready leaders.

You must build leadership bench strength at every level of your organization, so you have the right talent at the right time for your mission. We work with you to identify specific leadership gaps and create customized plans to addresses your needs.

We believe great leaders are born and nurtured, but in either case their effectiveness is a result of having the mindset, skillset, and toolset to navigate complexity and ambiguity, cultivate trust, and drive individual performance, and cross-functional collaboration, at a fast-pace.

Our leadership solutions include:

Executive Coaching

We partner with executives to provide tailored support to help you enhance your leadership skills, decision-making abilities, and overall effectiveness.

Through a focus approach to getting greater create clarity and alignment, setting relevant goals, self-reflection, and a regular cadence of execution and accountability sessions, you heighten self-awareness, develop new strategies, and build greater capacity to achieve your goals and drive business growth for both you and your company/organization.

Leader S.H.I.F.T. Accelerators

SWOTT (Strengths, Why, Opportunity Zone, Targeted Outcomes, Time-Focus Audit)

High Performance Team Dynamics & Synergy

Ideation to Innovation to Execution

Fast Tracking Change, Results, & Impact

Thought Leadership: Authority, Credibility, & Visibility

Leadership Cohorts

Our Leadership Cohorts offer small groups of leaders a unique opportunity to come together and develop their leadership skills through shared learning and interaction. Our expert facilitators create a supportive and collaborative environment where participants engage in meaningful discussions and receive personalized feedback to turn insights into effective leadership practices.

Our program is designed to address the dynamic roles and responsibilities of leaders to solve real-time challenges. We focus on continuous personal learning and growth, team synergy, organizational effectiveness, and industry impact, helping leaders at all levels of their career achieve their greatest leadership potential.

2 Day Performance Quick Start Lab

The 2-Day Performance Management Quick Start Lab is an intensive training program based on Dr. Shanequa Fleming’s proprietary approach to peak people performance. Dr. Fleming’s approach has been proven to yield a 99.5% turnaround rate for addressing immediate performance problems. This lab will cover the entire performance management process from goal setting to performance evaluation. It is designed to help managers, mid-level, and even senior leaders work through a step-by-step process for highly effective performance management, communication, and coaching that can be applied immediately.

The lab is highly participative, with ongoing group discussions, small group breakouts, and individual problem-solving exercises to address specific performance management concerns that managers and leaders may be experiencing. The experience facilitates productive conversations with team members about their performance, output, and results, allowing managers to set clear performance expectations and encourage, recognize, and reward behaviors aligned with the organizational mission and goals.

As a manager/leader you will learn how to give continuous feedback and coach team members to close the gaps between current and desired performance outcomes. You will also learn how to document performance, both evidence of success and performance issues, and proactively address and redirect non-productive activities, performance issues, and concerns. This will prepare you to conduct effective annual performance meetings and create collaborative dialogue that meets the needs of both team members and the company/organization. You will leave the lab with a personalized action plan and the confidence to implement what they have learned in your workplace. You will be able to set clear performance expectations, encourage, recognize, and reward positive behaviors, give feedback and coach effectively, document performance, and proactively address and redirect non-productive activities and performance issues.

C.O.R.E. Leadership Development Workshops

  • Cultivating Your Strengths
  • Owning and Optimizing Your WINS
  • Reframing Success for High-Impact Results
  • Emotional Intelligence: The Leader’s Hack to Effectiveness

Customized Leadership Development Programs

Our customized leadership development programs are designed to address challenges faced by businesses today. Our programs focus on what we call the 5D’s: disruption of business models, digital disruption, driving growth, diverse talent attraction and retention, and disengagement/disconnect with stakeholders.

Led by expert facilitators, our programs offer a highly interactive and collaborative environment where leaders can gain valuable insights and create plans for immediate action to uplevel their leadership practices. We provide real-time context to help leaders navigate complex business environments and achieve their goals.

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Innovation has transformative impact on industries, creating new opportunities for growth and social progress in an ever-evolving marketplace. As a leader, it’s your responsibility to support, recognize, and reward behaviors that promote risk-taking—be it incremental improvements or disruption of traditional business models.

Our approach to workforce innovation is rooted in the belief that culture is the true catalyst for growth and sustainability in an ever-evolving marketplace —be it incremental improvements or disruption of traditional business models.

We help you design infrastructure to promote resource optimization, experimentation, iterative learning, and innovation as an ongoing process. We work with you to prioritize creativity and encourage everyone in your organization to think outside the box, challenge assumptions and discover new solutions to old problems.

Our Strategic FOCUS Labs help you and your team define your workforce strategy for the future. Together we explore emerging trends and untapped opportunities to maintain a competitive advantage, build resilience, and create a culture of innovation and adaptability, rather than simply react to events as they unfold.

Strategic F.O.C.U.S. Labs

Future of Work: Full Spectrum Foresight Strategy

Organization Scale: (Re)Design & Resource Optimization

Culture Clarity, Alignment, & Traction

Uncertainty, Change, & Resilience

Strategic Impact Mapping

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Our Track Record

Reduced organizational turnover by 53.3% for a 1,900-bed healthcare system, resulting in a 1.5-million-dollar savings.

Decreased recruitment time for critical leadership positions by 75%.

Helped the foundation of a large public urban university realize a 15% cost savings and four consecutive years of record-breaking financial results. 

Developed a world-class competency-driven performance management system, which led to top-tier rankings and industry innovations.

Increased the available bandwidth and efficiency of physician leaders for a 1,500-bed health system.

Closed the skills gap for critical leadership roles within a large urban school district. Helped a large urban school district.

Designed a covid-19 strategic rapid response plan that resulted in zero layoffs/furloughs and a record-breaking performance period.